New Report: Mobilizing Legacy Applications is the Primary Challenge for IT Professionals

In partnership with Enterprise Mobility Exchange, PowWow Mobile conducted a survey on the topic of enterprise applications and how they’re built, what challenges companies are facing, and the importance of rapid mobile app development (RMAD).

3 Enterprise “Smart” App Trends That Are Transforming Business

In a recent article published in EnterpriseAppsTech, Kia Behnia, CEO of PowWow Mobile discussed the three enterprise “smart” app trends that are transforming business processes in 2017. EnterpriseAppsTech is a thought leadership resource for CIOs, business app developers, CTOs, business IT and mobilization professionals. According to a recent report from Forrester, organizations will spend [...]

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5 Takeaways from VMware’s 2016 State of the Digital Workspace Report

According to VMware’s “State of the Digital Workspace – 2016” report, digital workspace first-movers are experiencing business, operational, and financial benefits, while those that don’t embrace it are falling behind. This new report is based on the insights of 1,200 IT decision makers, IT influencers, and business decision makers worldwide into digital workspace initiatives, [...]

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10 Ways the iPhone Has Changed the Enterprise in 10 Years

On this day in 2007, Steve Jobs revealed the first iPhone to the world, changing the way we work and play forever. Prior to a decade ago, we were still using bulky devices that had actual keyboards, weak web capabilities, and no apps. It has taken years of new versions and tweaking to get [...]

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Why PowWow Mobile Acquired Enterprise Mobility Company StarMobile

Yesterday, PowWow Mobile announced our forthcoming acquisition of StarMobile, a rapid mobile development platform (RMAD) provider headquartered in Atlanta. StarMobile emerged out of Georgia Institute of Technology’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) and immediately was viewed as one of the highest-potential company’s in our industry. With almost $6 million in seed money and another [...]

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IBM and Apple: What This Means for Enterprise App Development

I am sure many of you saw last week’s announcement from IBM and Apple. IBM will deliver enterprise-class applications, secure cloud device management, and enterprise versions of AppleCare for the iPhone and iPad. Any program that pushes iOS devices further into the mainstream enterprise is good for PowWow. Here’s why: According to Forrester, business [...]